“Remember, teamwork begins by building trust.” — Patrick Lencioni —

Morrison CPA places TEAMWORK as one of it’s core corporate values where we foster a collaborative , professional environment to encourage learning and empowerment for both our staff and clients.

Our goal is to proactively open communication channels for: listening, asking questions, finding solutions, initiating training, instituting change, reviewing work and presenting results. We leverage and utilize the latest technology so we can respond in a timely and efficient manner.  Technology like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, ZOOM, the MCPA Document Portal, & Docusign have become some of our communication platform tools.  Along with the traditional tools of email, and simple phone calls.

Along with establishing communication, Morrison CPA has developed a corporate culture of learning and sharing knowledge and skills. Our staff do not work in silos, rather we emphasize collaboration.

Our best collaboration tool is simply meeting face to face where we have the opportunity to listen to your needs, determine expectation and find solutions. We strive to make our staff available to our clients needs.

Our hope is that you will trust MORRISON CPA with your financial questions and problems and that our solutions and results will help you to have Effective Financial Management.