Retail, Wholesale & Distribution Industry


We understand the challenges of the Retail, Wholesale & Distribution Industry and the need for owner-managers to have the peace of mind that their accounting and tax matters are handled well. We can assist with the entire life cycle of your business:

  • Sales & Tracking Receipts: both storefront and online
  • Inventory Management
  • Profit and Loss
  • Budget Planning and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Overhead Cost
  • Key Performance Indicators & Metrics
  • GST/HST Issues
  • If & When to Incorporate
  • Franchise Setup and Analysis
  • Eligibility and Time of Write-Offs
  • Exploration of Structuring Options
  • Staffing Considerations
  • Warranty
  • Succession and Retirement Planning

There are many ‘hats’ required for effective leadership within the Retail, Wholesale & Distribution Industry. We strive to ensure that you are well positioned in your industry to: have sustained growth and profitability, adjust to transformation, and leverage technology. Our goal is to use our knowledge and expertise to give you the information and tools that will help you with effective management within the Retail, Wholesale & Distribution Industry.